Thursday, July 12, 2012

Makeup and Animal Testing

I want to draw attention to a serious issue that a lot of people don't think about. It's more commonly known nowadays that animals bred for food are treated inhumanely. (Hence, while I could not become a vegetarian we only buy organic meat with the assurance that the animals lived free range and were well treated.) However, what about makeup?

Every year millions of animals are killed while testing cosmetic products. Companies use painful tests to determine the irritation level of the products on skin and the tissue of the eye. Commonly used are rabbits, who are caused so much pain you can actually hear them scream. Animals are forcibly made to inhale or ingest the product to determine toxicity levels. The creatures are poisoned, blinded, burned, and killed without regard.

Animal testing is not required of cosmetic companies. So why do they continue this atrocity? Simply reluctance to change the way they've done things. It's ridiculous considering the more accurate and cheaper tests that can be done using skin cultures.

How can you make a difference? Don't use their products. There are plenty of brands that don't animal test. Refuse to use the products of the companies that still continue this barbaric act. And please tell the people you know. Oftentimes people don't change because they don't know the reality of the issue. If people have knowledge they're more likely to act against it.

If you use products that animal test try your best to switch. I know those little $3 Maybelline eyeshadow compacts are convenient and right there, but really the quality is no good anyway. I'm not trying guilt trip anyone, (well, maybe a little) but I wouldn't want to put on my makeup every morning and wonder how many bunnies died so I could look pretty.

For more info click here. There's a list of all the companies that animal test and the ones that don't on the website.