Thursday, August 16, 2012

School Shopping + New Artwork

Back to school shopping...done! I'm all stocked up and ready to begin anew the learning process...sort of. The best tip I can offer when shopping for school is stock up on the basics. You can buy wonderful, unnecessary things later when you have the money, but if you're going to be putting together a different outfit everyday stick to the basics. Things like band shirts, plain black shirts, black jeans, skirts, dresses, tights and fishnets...etc, etc, etc. Whatever you tend to pick up when you throw on a typical outfit. Of course, if you dress in full uber-goth mode every day more power to you. Or if you refuse to wear jeans just hunt down a lot of versatile skirts. But for school I've always found the basics with a few well placed accessories and a pair of stompy boots can go a long way.

Old fuzzy pic of me. Without the accessories and boots this would be pretty plain.

From personal experience, I tend to find good things at Target, Kohls, and Bealls. If you want even cheaper things and don't mind sorting through hideous neon colors try Marshalls. I found my favorite black lace dress there. I also will admit to unashamedly stopping in by Hot Topic to stock up on studded and spiked bracelets. They're cheap. They're real leather. I've never had one break. End of discussion. Of course, online shopping is your best friend. You can search exactly what you're looking for. I found a new bullet belt for roughly $12 on eBay the other day.

Other than a bunch of black basics and that belt, here's what I've gotten for school. As usual, I'll buy more as the year progresses, but what I currently have in my closet will easily last me a long time so there's no rush.

Band shirts are a must for my casual days.
I'm so happy, my David Bowie and Bauhaus shirts have arrived!
Now I'm just waiting for my The Damned one to show up.

It's unfortunate how popular converse are now.
However, I find a good canvas shoe really useful for school so I buy them anyway ^^
Not to mention, stripes!

I've been getting back into drawing lately. My sketchbook tends to gather dust during the summer and then I 'rediscover' it as the school year begins. (Because I do most of my artwork during my classes ^^) The funny thing with my drawings is that they always end up being done in groups. I have some original art, but mostly I enjoy doing fanart. That means when I get inspired I always end up with five to seven drawings all pertaining to the same theme.

Recently I re-watched The Dark Knight, which reminded me just how much I love The Joker. Heath Ledger's version scared the crap out of me and his performance was captivating, however I've always had a soft spot for the dapper and charming comic/animated joker. (Mark Hamil's voice? It's perfect!) 

Which led to two days of reading comics and watching Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures.

Which led to this.

I need to fix the top right Joker's hair and color the bottom ones.

TNBA Joker is my absolute favorite <3

Now to wrap this post up. Just in case no one has seen this wonderful, fantastic, extraordinary, amazing, awesome Joker cosplay by the genius who is Anthony Misiano...brace yourself.

I'm in love <3