Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dark Matters: Twisted but True

 I was feeling really lazy with the start of school and all so I thought I might hold off of a new post for a few days. Then I came on and saw I had gotten a few more followers and I told myself to get off my lazy butt and write. Thanks for the motivation everyone! Still, I've got an AP essay to start on so I'm afraid this is going to be a quickie.

There's a show on the Science Channel called Dark Matters: Twisted but True. It's hosted by John Noble, who some of you might know from Lord of the Rings or Fringe. Basically they go and dig around in history and find notes/records of experiments that question human morality.  Then they broadcast them. It's normally about the real "mad scientists" who've existed and caused massive controversy with their actions, about the horrific turn science can take if people let go of their inhibitions. But sometimes, it's just creepy events and occurences that make you rethink a few things in life. Things like...

  • The invention of the lobotomy.
  • Brain surgery creates a perfect amnesiac who can't remember his own life from day to day
  • A man who has a hole blown in his stomach and is kept as a living science experiment.
  • Alien hand syndrome.

I like the show because they don't go after the typical doctor horror stories we've all heard. Not to mention, they're all real! They really dug deep to find some of these. It's not always scientists experimenting, as with the Hungarian 'Suicide Song', but they're all interesting and have a medical aspect to them. What I like best about the show is that it makes you question what's right and wrong. Where should science draw the line?

It's my personal opinion that the stories in season two are far more fascinating than season one. So if you stick with the show it gets better. Of course, it doesn't really matter what order you watch them in and there are reruns all the time. A warning though, the show can be pretty gory if the occasion calls for it, so if you're squeamish do not watch the episode with the man with the hole in his stomach. The reenactment isn't very....pleasant.

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