Monday, August 6, 2012

Music Map

I'm so busy right now it's ridiculous. Two words: Band Camp. This is the point in the year where marching band begins to take over the majority of my life. On the bright side, it's one of the most fun things I've ever done and I get lots of exercise. On the flip side, it means I acquire a very unwelcome tan and it'll be much harder to have time to post things. For the next week or so it'll be especially bad and if I post anything it'll be pretty short. After that, when we get to my normal schedule with school and all that I'll figure out how to plan posts around the frequent rehearsals.

Today I thought I'd bring you this neat little invention. It's a website called music-map . Basically, you type the name of an artist into the search bar and it gives you a bunch of artists similar to that one. The closer the name is to the one in the center, the closer they are in sound or style. It's great for discovering some new bands. For example when I was first starting out in the music scene and had fallen in love with Bauhaus I just typed it in and *BAM* lots of essential Goth bands at my disposal.

 Now, I'm sure some of you out there are musical experts who have exhausted all the artists on here already and are restricted to looking for obscure bands who's names you can hardly pronounce. ^^ Well...this probably won't help you. It's only as good as the information put into the site after all. But I've found several artists on here that I've grown to enjoy so give it a chance! Also, don't be too hard on the poor thing. Sometimes it's so far off the mark I can't do anything but sit there and laugh. And for the most part it's pretty accurate. There's no use arguing with a website ^^


  1. Oooeee! That's so neat! I'm in the dark when it comes to music, even though I need so much of it-- it's just hard to make time to find new things, like with you, when my hobbies and other passion take up my time hehe.

    1. I'm constantly on the search for new bands. It seems like I'm always short on music, or want to listen to something new ^^ And time is just so hard to some by >.< But I love this site, it's so helpful! I just research a band every couple of days :)

  2. wow.... *types in a load of bands just to watch the words fly round the screen* i'll definitely use that when I'm looking for new bands :) xx