Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cliches V.S. Non-Goth Interests

Some bloggers have done that post where they list all the goth cliches they can relate to. While some have made the list of Non-goth things they appreciate. I think they both sounded like fun, so I smooshed them together into one big post ^^

Cliches:  Cliches are great. Really, they wouldn't be cliches if they weren't true and it is true that us dark alternative types sometimes have the tendency to squeal at bats or a penchant for books about the undead. Don't you deny it! I really don't like it when people take themselves too seriously. Have a little laugh at yourself once in a while! Spooky cliches are what make life a little more fun! And I know quite a few apply to me. For example...

  •  The aforementioned bats. I think they are just the most adorable things on the face of this earth.
Look at that and tell me it isn't cute.
  •  As for the other cliche I mentioned above? If you haven't noticed by now just how much I appreciate a good vampire novel/film/TV show you need to go look at my vampire tag.
  • When I spot the Halloween decorations in a store I trample people on my way to the display.
  • Did I write uber spooky, gloomy poetry when I was a little younger? Why yes, yes I did. (I don't know if I still have any of them...but if my family found them I wouldn't know whether to crack up or blush in mortification. Probably both.)
  • Boots. Big, awesome stompy ones and pointy ones with buckles and...well, this list could go on forever.
  • Swooning over leather.
  • Black nail polish is a staple.
  • I am rather obsessed with dark/creepy/horror movies.
  • My hair belongs in the 80s. I love nothing more when I get the chance to tease it up so  much it looks like I got electrocuted. (Unfortunately this isn't practical for school...*sigh*)
  • I think cemeteries are absolutely gorgeous and would love nothing better to sit down and read a book in one.
  • My favorite bands are The Cure and Bauhaus. (Honestly...if I didn't like Goth music I wouldn't consider myself part of the subculture. But that's just my opinion.)
  • I refuse to wear blue jeans.
  • People *cough* Dad *cough* always seem to think I'm dressed up no matter how many times I explain that these are my casual clothes.
  • I avoid the sun like the plague.

Non-Goth likes:  Ok, I cannot stress this enough. You are allowed to like whatever you want. Really. Whenever I see someone online saying they don't like something or won't do something because it's 'Not Goffic enough' I want to reach through the computer and knock some sense into them. They're your interests! You don't have to shun something because it doesn't fit into the subculture! Being yourself is what really matters and if that means you want to listen to Brittany Spears or watch Gossip Girl then by all means do it! No one is going to judge you. If anyone does they're an elitist bastard and you can ignore them because they're too stuck up to have fun ;)

  • My bed is full of cute, fluffy, colorful stuffed animals. I buy a new one every time we go to a theme park. It's a tradition.
  • I love girly, adorable animes with a fondness for pink. Example? Ouran High School Host club. Watch one episode and you'll understand.
  • I regularly tune in to Project Runway. Granted, there are some more designers with alternative leanings this year (One of them mentioned Bauhaus!) but for the most part they're designing for the mainstream.
  • My guilty pleasures when it comes to music? All Time Low and Adam Lambert. And I mean I am obsessed with Adam Lambert. With good reason! Have you seen the music video for For Your Entertainment? *Swoons* Anyhoo, he might look a little bit alternative on occasion but there is no denying his music is pure pop.
  • Marching Band. I freakin' love it. It's my life as soon as school starts and I acquire a suitably non-gothy tan.
  • Have I embarrassed myself enough yet? I dance to The Michael Jackson Experience for Wii on a regular basis. I even have a special sparkly hat I wear for the occasion.

So everyone out there that's afraid to like something and be shut down for it?

Just be yourself ^^


  1. Jajajaja...it's true!! it's so funny post. And yes, every gothic boy or girl has a bright side! and mine is...I love and I'll always love "finding nemo"!!!!! this movie is amazing for me! I love Doris...is so sweet and so alone...*_*
    BTW, bats are cutest thing...

    1. Finding Nemo is one of those movies that will always have a special place in my heart <3 It was my favorite as a kid. And how could people ever not like bats? They're so adorable! :)