Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sophistique Noir Theme~ Bows

 I almost didn't do this one because I figured I wasn't going anywhere and didn't want to get all dolled up for a blog post ^^ My eyes are enjoying the summer break from makeup. However, it turned out a friend who moved to New York was back in town for a few days and wanted to meet us for dinner. So I pulled out a few bows and got to picture taking!

For my hair I stole a bow off of that cute lil' undead bunny I bought. I also rummaged around a bit and managed to find the spiked bow belt I got at Goodwill. I had been having problems with it because the little pegs were too small for the holes to keep closed and it kept popping open at embarrassing times. Like walking through the halls at school... I was going to replace the pegs with better ones but instead I was lazy and found some Velcro in the sewing cabinet. A few strategically placed squares, and voila! It doesn't snap open every time I sit down...

fickle me changed from a shirt to a tanktop and bolero ^^

I was browsing Pinterest and found this hair idea that fits in very nicely with the bow theme. If I had longer hair I would try this for sure. 


  1. Very nice bows, all of them :D

  2. Cute bows! And very nice outfit! :) I think that bolero looks adorable!


  3. Bows stolen from undead bunnies are the best!! I really love your outfit.

    I think you can buy synthetic hair bows like the one in that last photo. Sounds much easier than trying to create one with your real hair - I haven't been brave enough to try yet... :)

    1. Thank you! :) And that sounds like a lovely idea :D