Thursday, August 2, 2012

Collectible 'Monkis'

 Monki is an immensely popular store up in Sweden. In fact, in Stockholm there seemed to be one on every corner. The whole concept of the chain is based on a 'magical fantasy story about little black creatures with dual personas that live in a derelict City of Oil and Steel'. Weird right? The atmosphere in each of the stores is different, each with their own crazy color scheme, fluorescent lights, and sometimes just plain confusing layouts. One of the stores had mirror walls everywhere. I nearly ran into them more times than I can count, but it was actually really cool. When asked about the inspiration one of the designers for the stores said 'We think misunderstandings, fever and optical illusions are very inspiring!' so you can imagine each store is it's own fantasy world.

The clothes aren't anything to go crazy over. I'd compare it to something like Forever 21. The real reason I enjoy Monki so much is their adorable little mascots. Remember those creatures we talked about? Well, there are twelve of them and I want to buy every single one!



Tell me they aren't adorable! I especially would love that Goblin one. Unfortunately most of the stores are in Sweden (they've expanded to a few other countries nearby) and I don't believe they ship to the U.S. They do however ship to the UK. The Monkis themselves are only $12 (or 10 Euros or 7.8 Pounds) though I didn't see the shipping price.

Here's the website if anyone get the urge to buy one of these cute little things. (If you need more motivation, they're extraordinarily soft and function as a lovely pillow.)


  1. What a fascinating way to elevate a shopping experience to a new level; I love how interactive it looks! And it's really fun to think that none of the stores are the same as the next.

    1. It's a great marketing technique...keeps your customers interested and makes sure people remember the name of the store ^^

  2. They're so cute! How big are they?

  3. I know! I want to say about a foot both across and up. They're pretty thin though.