Friday, August 10, 2012

Current Fashion Pet Peeves

Now I'm far from the expert on Fashion. Far from it. Some of my clothes look two centuries out of date and the rest are a throwback to the 80s (And I'm damn proud of it!) However there are a few trends I've noticed lately that have begun to take over in a very bad way. I'm all for dressing in what makes you happy. If you're honestly really comfortable in that pink Aeropostle shirt then wear it with a smile. If you want to *shudder* 'sag' your pants and let everyone know what color underwear you have on that day I won't stop you. If you want to jump on the the Punk, Goth, Lolita, or whatever other subculture wagon then more power to you! (And a virtual hug of support from me). However there are a few things that I simply cannot stand at the moment.

 Peasant tops/Peasant blouses

Keep in mind this doesn't apply to all Peasant tops. It's this kind I'm talking about. I'm all for embroidered things, but I'd rather not look as lumpy as a sack of potatoes. Considering I prefer form-fitting clothing you can see why this baggy thing might irk me a bit. If something's going to be puffy please make it the sleeves and not the stomach!


I suppose this is just more of a practicality issue for me. I don't understand the point of sewing together the top and bottom half of your outfit.  I would just throw on a tank top and shorts if I wanted that look! Not to mention, doesn't it throw away a bit of the versatility you could have in an outfit? Also, they tend to have a bit of fabric that bunched up in the middle and I do not want to walk around with a pouch.

Shorts and Uggs

Now I don't actually know how many of you see this trend. I know people down in Florida love it because we all have this special syndrome. We barely get any cold weather so as soon as it even hints at being a little cooler we whip out out jacket, scarves, and boots. Unfortunately some people can't seem to let go of these items when it warms up again and wear their Uggs with short shorts all summer. It's a little bit ridiculous. I mean, it's 90 degrees out and you're wearing furry boots...

Tights and Leggings as Pants

Now I love tights. But I was under the impression that they're supposed to go underneath something. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong. Please. Ladies, have a little self-respect please. There is no need to advertise your butt like that. Leave a little to the imagination and get a well fitted pair of pants. It's much more attractive.

Neon Lace

How could they? Lace is so beautiful and I firmly believe it should be done in elegant colors. Not only are designers sticking lace on everything lately, but it's horrendous quality too! Not to mention, they're puking the rainbow all over it. Traffic cone orange and toxic waste green lace surrounds me every time I go to school and sometimes it really make me want to gag. Especially when it's paired with leopard print. What is this world coming to?

My eyes!

Well I might not like seeing my fellow classmates clad like this, but I have to admit it's amusing in a tragic kind of way. I'll stick to my black, lace, and spikes personally. How about you guys? Are there any strange trends going on in your area? I challenge all of you fellow bloggers to come up with your own small list of fashion pet peeves! Make a fun little post out of it and together we can all help people avoid deadly mistakes! Mine was really general, but why not make one for alternative fashion?


  1. Leggings as pants! Why?! Why do people do this?! -.- never seen tights as pants though and for that I am eternally grateful

    1. I know...I would be tempted to gouge my eyes out if I saw that in person, but then again I don't think that's the last thing I want to see.. XD And I don't even know what goes on in some people's heads.

  2. *cheers* I love you. I see girls in leggings like that all the time and i always have to restrain myself from asking if they've forgotten their skirt ;) no one wants to see their ass cheeks, and particularly when it's on curvy girls... -_- no ladies, just no. xx

    1. I KNOW! It makes me want to slap some sense into them XD I always want to call them out on it, but I don't think it would help. I'll snark about it behind their backs with my friends instead XD *shakes head* But seriously, where did people leave their common sense?

  3. I don't know, but I think the little Shorts and Uggs look is kinda cute. Especially with a long-sleeve top, like the girl in the picture.
    On the other hand, the "tights-as-pants" thing has got to stop. Unless you under 25, and built like a model, no-one wants to see that. (I'm talking to you, large Walmart shoppers.)