Friday, August 24, 2012

Dressing for School (And a Double Outfit Post)

One of the good things about school is that I finally have a reason to wear something other than t-shirts and shorts! Over summer, I pretty much just sit in my bed and vegetate. My social life goes completely down the drain. So now I've got motivation to dress up again! Of course, you have to be mindful of dress codes while on campus and while they may vary here are some general rule of thumb things to remember.
  •  Some things are 'appropriate' for school and some things aren't. There are some items of clothing that people will always perceive as sexual no matter how you wear them. Corsets and fishnets come to mind. If you want to wear those things just be prepared for comments and/or stares. I only wear my fishnets to school on occasion, when I'm feeling really good about myself and won't be uncomfortable if someone makes a rude/obscene comment.
If you're going to wear a corset, do it like this.
Pants replaceable with a skirt or dress of course ^^

  •  I wouldn't advise wearing high heels if your school has stairs or a big campus. (Like mine) It may be difficult getting to class on time with those slowing you down. I even have trouble with my low heels sometimes. Once, I cut across the sand in order to get to the Science building and oh boy was that a mistake. I just ended up sinking with every step!
  • Try to avoid potentially 'offensive' things. I realize that that Pentagram or even just your Christian Death shirt may mean something to you but people often get the wrong ideas. How many times do you want to exclaim 'They're a band!"and still get glared at? Or take the time to explain why you wear that symbol? (Whether for religious or aesthetic reasons.) I barely ever wear my pentagram to school because I know it'll get comments and my lectures will fly over their heads. 
  • Tone it down the first couple of weeks. By all means, express yourself! However, I think its important to make a good first impression on your teachers before you hit them with everything you've got. You don't want to put them on guard until after you've had a few in-depth debates on Gothic literature ;)
  • I'm afraid I can't remember which of the lovely bloggers I follow has said this, but I'm going to reiterate. DO NOT GO TO SCHOOL LOOKING LIKE YOU ELECTROCUTED YOURSELF. Big hair is great. Actually, big hair is wonderful and to die for. But when some unfortunate soul has to sit behind you in class? It becomes a major irritation and inconvenience to them. Save that for going out ^^
Adorable yes. Practical no.

I didn't take a picture of what I wore the first day of school. Basically it was my Bauhaus shirt, black jeans, a choker, and my spiked bracelet. (I tend to ease into my wardrobe starting with T-shirts). However I did take pictures of the next two days.

My new skirt ^^
A closeup of the fabric.
This kind of, sort of, breaks my 'offensive' rule.
It was my new The Damned shirt and I took a chance. (And an extra shirt)
No teachers seemed to mind (And only one student comment) so I suppose this one is safe?

I'm channeling all the pictures I've seen on Tumblr lately of Dave in his sunglasses ;)


  1. Robert Smith AND Dave Vanian. Omnomnom! Gosh, I could live on this post. <3

    That picture of Robert Smith makes me giddy.

    Oh, and nice post. Hehe!

    1. Awww thank you so much! And I spent at least five minutes staring dreamily at that gif before trying to figure out where I could use it ^^ Oh Robert...