Saturday, August 4, 2012

30 Day Clothing Challenge~Day 4: A Shirt you Haven't Worn Yet

I'm going to cheat with this one. I don't actually have a shirt I haven't worn yet but I do have another dress that hasn't been put to good use. I bought it in Sweden (Go figure. And I wonder where all my money went...) and I'm still not sure when I'll use it. It was just too lovely to leave though and I'll get to wear it eventually.

This might be the only time you guys see me makeup-less.
After this its back to comfy, lumpy relaxation clothes and slippers.
Hence the lack of eyeliner.

It's Necessary Evil and I wouldn't have found it if it hadn't been for this one woman I met in a coffee shop. We had sat down for some traditional fika (Roughly translates to coffee break. Swedish people are very fond of them.) in Goteborg. I spotted this woman with bright red hair, a bunch of piercings and a customized/painted leather jacket which I drooled over for about ten minutes. (I really want to start my own but I need to find an old one at Goodwill or something because my parents won't let me touch my nice one.)

Anyway, I ended up standing and waiting for the bathroom with her and she started a small conversation. I had wanted to compliment her jacket, but I'm rather self-conscious about my Swedish (Even though everyone tells me it's rather good. I'm always afraid I'll sound 'American' or something stupid like that because we barely speak it home.) Of course, now I had no choice but to talk to her and she asked if I knew any places to shop other than Shock, gesturing vaguely at my corseted dress. I of course had no idea and agreed that while Shock was fine, it was a chain store with all brand name items. So we parted ways and went shopping.

Later, when we went by Shock we met the same lady leaving with a bag and she proceeded to excitedly show us what she had bought. (Much to the bemusement of my grandmother. She eyed the leather corset a bit doubtfully.) Then she showed us this dress. I'm so happy she did because the store was pretty big and I don't think I would have found it among the sea of black if I hadn't known what I was looking for. And that's the story behind the dress ^^


  1. Ahhh this dress IS awesome!
    I came across from sophistique noir and am now reading your blog.
    I love your style!
    Hope, you don´t mind if I comment some older posts...
    PS: Sorry, if I say something strange, I´m not a native speaker ( but from Germany).

    1. Thank you so much! Of course I don't mind comments on older posts, I love them! :D Your English is great so don't worry about it ^^