Sunday, August 12, 2012

Etsy Feature~ Bats

I've been Etsy hunting again! This time the theme is bats because I honestly can't get enough of the adorable things. It's also been brought on because I'm celebrating the return of the bats to our house. They disappeared for a while, but now they're back. I think they're living in the bat houses like they used to and already the mosquito population is back down. And it's so much fun to watch them swoop over the lake and drink the water ^^

I love the intricate designs within the wings.

For a change of pace from just black or stripey tights and fishnets.

I'm secretly hoping my junior prom will be a masquerade so I can buy this.

I like the contrast between the black and white.

If you're really enthusiastic...there's always bat specimens.
Though I'm not sure I would want to sleep with this in my room ^^

On a side note, I just bought my tickets for Halloween Horror Nights 2012! So far, the only themes that have been released are ABC's The Walking Dead and Silent Hill, but I'm definitely excited.

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