Monday, February 25, 2013

Etsy Feature ~ Crows and Ravens

Well, it's been a while since I did this, which is rather silly considering how much time I spend browsing Etsy. Last time I believe I did a skull-centered one, so this time it's crows and ravens~ They're awfully stereotypical aren't they? But really, those black feathers make for all sorts of great accessories. And bird skulls. You can't go wrong with bird skulls.

Unfortunately, these pictures have been sitting around on my desktop for a while, so I can't tell you who's stores they come from. Searching something based on a description should work fine, as long as the items haven't been sold already, and I'm fairly sure all of these are still available. (With perhaps one or two exceptions)

A simple ear cuff
Tricorn <3
Difficult to make work, but oh so lovely.

I like how ornate this one is.
I don't like putting up my hair, but this would do very nicely.

Ok, this one is just here because I think it's beautiful.

Something for around the house~

This scarf has got Poe's poem written all over it :D

Raven perfume?
Interesting, but perfume makes me sneeze so none for me thank you.

This is one of my favorites, but I remember it being very expensive.
No practical use whatsoever~
But hey, there's always Halloween, or maybe a masquerade..?

I'd have absolutely nowhere to wear this...

Or this...but it's awfully pretty.

And that's it for today. No outfit because I'm very lazy. Oh, but I did finally watch Skyfall. (Took me long enough) I...actually I thought it was fantastic. Visually, it was very stunning. I liked the character development and the fact that Bond was off his game. I loved Silva as a villain. I had sympathy for him, but not enough to want him to win, so that was a nice change. (Villains lately...I've just been siding with so many XD) And while my dad might be a bit annoyed with the fact that there's a new Q I think Ben Winshaw was wonderful (And just a little bit adorable) and I really hope he gets a bigger part in the next movie. What did you guys think? I haven't seen an awful lot of the older Bond movies (a few here and there) so my judgement may be a bit biased.


  1. xxxx little darkling xxxxFebruary 26, 2013 at 1:49 PM

    Oh, you pretty things! (David Bowie <3) I love the hair bobble and scarf best! The bobble reminds me of Bellatrix's bird skull necklace!

    I saw Skyfall on Wednesday, I loved it! Never seen Bond before, and need to see others! Good to see others like Q, I thought he was brilliant and needs a bigger part in the next Bond :) (very adorable too ) Silva was very good, and rather creepy (all that rat stuff O_o)

    1. I'm seriously considering buying that scarf, it's just so unique to be able to walk around with a favorite piece of literature around your neck XD And I haven't seen many Bond movies before this one so I definitely need to go and watch some of the older ones. They're fun ^^

  2. That Raven poem scarf! J'adore!

    1. It's really lovely :D I need to purchase one as soon as I have a bit more money ^^