Thursday, February 14, 2013

30 Day Clothing Challenge~ Day 16 and 17

It's Valentines day! Normally, I'm not very fond of today because it's a Hallmark Holiday, capitalizing on people's relationships. Personally, I would much rather receive something on an ordinary day with no warning, but that's just me. But it's great to see people having a good time with their significant others and the sea of red and pink at school is always amusing. The balloons on the other hand....not quite as fun. I kept a tally of the times I got smacked in the face by a balloon going up the stairs and it totaled to fourteen. I contributed a little itty bit to the aforementioned sea of pink today with a bracelet.

Just for the record, my eyeshadow is also pink ^^

I was just looking through some old posts of mine from the very beginning (A little over a year now) and am shocked at how much difference a year can really make. I was barely starting off into the Goth subculture a year ago (and it certainly showed XD) and now I'm starting to build the wardrobe I want. My outfits nowadays are a million times classier and sophisticated than they used to be, and I'm just really proud of how far I've come. I can't wait to see how I've evolved in another few years. I mean heck, I'm not even halfway through highschool yet! But, that's enough of my indulging in an ego boost, it's time to get on to the challenge.

Day 16 is you and a friend wearing matching outfits. Well, I've never done one of the twin days at any of my schools, but you can bet there's an outfit from a school function that managed to do the trick. Does this count? ;)

I promise you I'm in there somewhere.

Day 17 is an outfit that you've made or altered. Well, I have a ridiculous number of hand-made patches lying around, but none of them are actually attached to my jackets yet... the DIY stuff I do is normally really simple because I'm terrified I'll ruin anything I try to sew. My trusty thrifted blazer and eyeball headband will have to do as examples.

Re-using a pic

Well I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day, attached or not. All of you lovely people have some Valentines from me~

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