Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outfit Dump + Greetings from Jupiter

Well I'm still chillin' over here in West Palm (Jupiter to be more specific. Florida, not the planet.) with nothing much to do. The remnants of the passing tropical storm finally blew over, so that's a relief. I've mostly been lazing about in my PJs and when we've gone out I've just rehashed old things you've seen before, so no new outfits to share this week. On the other hand, I can't seem to stop buying things when I'm out! My parents are going to regret leaving me with money, but there are just so many lovely things over here. I did spend some of the money on my mom and best friend, which eases the guilt a bit. And I managed to separate myself from two lovely scarves at Macy's and a million things at H & M, which I think shows a small degree of self-restraint. *coughs*

Food by the way, has been fantastic. Especially the Seafood. At this one restaurant alone we received Tuna, Duck, Mussels, Goat cheese torritzo(?), and Hog Fish. Suffice to say I was in heaven. And squid ink pasta! I'd never tried that before, but it was lovely.

The pasta was black!
Gelato anyone?

We were at the mall the other day and stumbled across Teavana, where they were giving out free samples. Well I'm not one to say no to fresh, steaming hot tea, no matter how small the sample cup, and wow was it good. They're based in Atlanta so if you reside in the southern states I'd seriously advise checking out their website and seeing if there's something near you. It was so nice to actually purchase a loose leaf brew as well, instead of cheap tea bags from the grocery store. Of course, it's a bit expensive, and I'm sure there's better, cheaper tea to buy, but it was readily accessible so it was worth it to me. I liked the Youthberry a lot, but ended up walking out with Dragonfruit Devotion. Though that may have been a result of the absolutely gorgeous employee in there. No seriously, this guy was smokin' hot. *fans self* And Teavana obviously doesn't care about self-expression on the job considering he had stretched ears and I spotted another Goth working the counter. If she hadn't been busy I would have complimented her ankh ;)

Anyway, I have a few outfits here from right before school ended that I thought I'd share with you guys. I got caught up in Red and Black Week and didn't have a chance to post them.

This shirt is flowy so it's perfect for summer
Bejeweled skulls? Of course I can be cheesy~
I don't own much white, but I love this jacket
I could only wear it because the air-conditioning at school was so cold
New dress! New dress! New dress!
So how about that new Star Trek movie? I can say it certainly made me happy. I'm a pretty big Trekkie/Trekker/Whatever (That debate is so pointless). I've seen all of The Original Series and will defend it to the death, and I catch The Next Generation reruns on TV sometimes. Personally, I think they're doing a pretty decent job with the new movies. Yeah, yeah, "The old stuff will always be the better" and all that jazz, but I'm whole-heartedly enjoying these films as well. I smiled all the way through Into Darkness.


A lot of people have been complaining about the whitewashing of Khan. Does Hollywood suck for it? Of course. Should they have cast a person of color to play him as the North Indian he's supposed to be? Obviously. I'm irked too. However, I'm also getting slightly annoyed at the people who are so angry that Benedict is white, that they downplay his performance. (Also, I'd like the be able to go on the Into Darkness tag on Tumblr without seeing only text posts and hate spewed left and right. I want GIFS dammit) He got the role because he was a good actor as well, and I think he did a marvelous job.

Point in fact, the new movie was a lot of fun and you should go watch it. There wasn't a boring moment, and sassy Spock is fabulous. Not to mention, there are a lot of parallels with The Wrath of Khan and little Easter eggs in this film. Tribbles anyone? 

They know you haven't seen it yet. They're judging you ;)


  1. Teavana seems to have spread all the way across the US, I think. We have one up here at the Mall of America so...:)

    1. Yeah it's pretty commercial so I figured it might have spread farther XD But hey, it's a step up from what I've been buying so no complaints ^^

  2. xxxx little darkling xxxxJune 18, 2013 at 2:10 PM

    *raises hand*
    I've started to drink tea. Really, I need something warm in chilly Britain, so I turned to tea. It tastes complelty different from how I remembered it! :)
    Now, I can't live without a mug or three a day...

    Star Trek

    Well, I'm a Trekk(ie/er), so I saw it a while ago, when it first came out in England. But it was great, so I remember it well.
    Kahn, I thought, was brilliant. The 'whitewashing' of him didn't bother me one bit, as I thought that Benedict Cumberbatch acted him amazingly!
    The bit with Kirk was unexpected. (Hopefully you know what bit I'm on about!) The bit where it's all emotional. I don't really like Kirk, so I didn't mind. I was, in fact, rooting for Kahn.... And Spock.
    New Spock looks like Old Spock! (Quinto & Nimoy)
    The Tribble made me squeal. Those things are so cute, and they were in the original series!
    Original series=amazing

    1. I could not live without tea ^^"
      OMG THAT PART WITH KIRK AND SPOCK. YES. I'm sorry, but I had a little mini squeal fest/sob fest in the theater when that happened. It was heartbreaking, but the connection to Wrath of Khan was amazing :D
      New Spock is sassy and fantastic ;) And nearly on par with Nimoy, who has God-like status in my book XD
      The Original Series is brilliant :)

  3. The squid pasta you had looks delicious :3 I'm still not sure if I'm brave enough to try it myself or not. I've never been a huge fan of squid, but then again, you don't know if you like something, if you don't try it first :3

    1. I've never really been hesitant about trying new things, but that's only because my parents have exposed us to so many different foods. (We cook a LOT) And since I love Sashimi which is raw fish, trying cooked squid wasn't very hard ^^ It tasted really good, but it WAS a bit chewy.