Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sophistique Noir Challlenge~ Tights

Well I love tights. I really do. It's really a shame I don't own too many pairs. I have black and red fishnets, and normal black tights. Then I've got a pair of skull covered thigh highs with bows. ...And that's about it! My most used tights though, are any regular pair that I've taken scissors to and gone crazy. I think ripped tights are a great way to make an outfit interesting when you're dressing casually.

A plain hoodie and skirt....

And then bam! Tights ^^

Of course, I'd love to add to my tights collection. Here are some of my favorites that I've bookmarked on my computer, ready to be bought.

I'm going to make these once I get more plain black tights.

Finally, I promised you guys a few better pictures of my Halloween costume. Here you go! I have my bow tie this time. Unfortunately, the skull beads to attach to my glasses broke so I had to do without.

With my jacket.
Which I lost later...
All in all, a pretty successful Grell I think.

There was a pumpkin carving contest at the Halloween thing I went to yesterday. We only had 15 minutes and this is what my friend and I came up with. He has a goatee (though you can't see it) and bat wings ^^

Sorry this post was so short! Or rather, there's an extreme lack of text and I haven't edited it for grammar at all, but I've got to get an essay done before I go to bed and I don't have time to do more. I'll make sure to have something better for you next time ^^


  1. Your Grell cosplay is really nice :D
    I like your wishlist :D my favourites are the black and red lace ones, the pin striped stockings and the ones with skull shaped holes (which I think you can diy)
    Also, the ones fading from black to purple are really cute :D

  2. Ahhh so many beautiful pairs of tights!

    The suspender ones with the pinstripe are amazing.

    I love your tights with the holes in them.

    Great post!

  3. Your wishlist has made mine grow!

  4. Ripped tights are a Goth staple that will never go out of style. And OMG, those gradient tights are the coolest. They might end up on MY wishlist, as well!! ;-D

  5. Those ripped skull tights are great - you'll have to share a picture when you've done yours! I agree with VK about probably needing a pair of the gradient tights. Wow! :D