Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend in Tampa

I've just realized how behind I am on posts this month. It's all Tumblr's fault! I swear! I refresh my dashboard and suddenly there's enough to keep me occupied for another hour. Of course, being the fangirl I am it turns into several hours and then it's time for bed... *sigh*

This weekend my mom had a triathlon in Tampa so we drove up and spent the weekend there. When we were at a restaurant one of the waitresses with black hair rushed up to me and gushed non-stop about how she'd never seen someone else there (In that specific restaurant) with a Bauhaus shirt and how she'd seen Peter Murphy in concert like 22 times (She might have exaggerated a bit...) ....and then she ran back to work before I could comprehend that I had actually met another goth.  I didn't even get the chance to speak. Damn.

I like Tampa, I really do. People there are so much more open minded than the ones in the Orlando-ish area. I suppose some of it might have to do with the fact that there's a club called The Castle that has a Goth night that seems really cool. And don't hold me to this, but I'm fairly certain Razor Candi used to do something there on Friday nights. Why aren't I clubbing age again? *shakes fist angrily*

Here's a video I found about the club. Just in case anyone is ever around Tampa and wants something to do. All in all, for being an interview for the news this is pretty good.

Now have two outfit posts/pictures of me trying to not be blinded by the sun. The daystar and I are mortal enemies who have been at war for years. I'm losing. If you could see my tan from band....yikes.

I...don't like the beach.
My new band jacket from Trash and Vaudeville.

Do you see my roots coming in there? I'm getting my hair re-dyed this weekend. I'll either keep going blond or go a really, really dark brown. (Because I don't want to go straight to black) I'm a bit conflicted because I've been blond all my life (albeit, not quite that blond) and I'm trying to gather the courage to try something new. We'll see. I just need to make up my mind by the weekend.

Finally, I was browsing the interwebz and came across this interview which just about made my day. Some of the biggest icons of Goth sitting around and discussing Goth. Why have I not seen this before?