Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY~ Patches!

Somehow amidst all my make-up work (Missing a week of school is NOT something I'd ever recommend) I've managed to make some time for myself. We found the old Xbox, (which led to a day of Halo before I returned to my lovely PS3...) I finally got around to watching Constantine (Which wasn't bad, though if you're going to watch a movie with demons and Keanu Reeves I suggest The Devil's Advocate), and I ordered a new Batman comic from Ebay because I'm a gigantic nerd and couldn't help myself ^^

More importantly, I made some patches for my jackets! I'm not sure exactly what will go where yet, but I'll figure that out some other time. Anyone out there that shirks away from DIY because you think it's difficult...it's not! Really, things as simple as a homemade patch or hair accessory can make all the difference in the world in an outfit and you'll have something unique that you can boast about. (Not to stroke our egos or anything...After all, everyone needs a self-esteem boost once in a while ;))

I used a stencil for these.

And these are the ones I free-handed.
I don't know which Specimen one I like better yet.

For anyone starting out with DIY patches, stencils are your best friend. They make neat letters and shapes a million times easier. Fabric paint is super cheap and you can cut up a pair of old jeans for the fabric or just use any plain fabric you have lying around. (Though really, denim is one of the better options.) For this last patch I cut up a striped vest that was too small for me.

You can't really see the bat. It's black though.
Also, I need to actually sew it together.

Those are just the first batch. I've got a bunch to go, but I can only concentrate on painting neatly for so long before my hand cramps up in protest ^^

Now, I need some advice. I have this lovely brooch I recently received from my grandmother. However, there's a slight problem. It's missing whatever it was that used to be on it...I want to put something in it's place, but I'm not exactly sure what. Any ideas?


  1. A rose! (Says the flower-lover.)

    1. I've considered using a black rose, but it's a bit more difficult to attach ^^

  2. It's wonderful how simple patches can add to an otherwise plain jacket; I hope to see this jacket with all its new additions!

    As for the brooch, I say keep going with the simple is more theme; add a black faceted glass gem! It'll become very versatile, as opposed to adding a colored gem or item.

    1. I'll make sure to post a picture when I get around to it!

      That's a lovely idea. I hadn't actually considered that ^^ Time to go shopping!

  3. I love making patches! After I'm done, I like to brush clear nail polish around the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying.

    I don't know if you have a Jo-ann or Michaels near you, but those places sell a lot of really interesting pendants you could put on the brooch.

    1. I still need to do that to these. I wouldn't want my brand new patches to start falling apart XD And it really is a lot of fun isn't it?

      I absolutely love Joanns and it's relatively close, so next time I go shopping I need to pop in and browse a bit. Maybe I'll find something that works :)

  4. Awesome patches! Me love =)
    Specially the one on the third image, I've been wanting to do one similar to it.