Tuesday, September 18, 2012

30 Day Clothing Challenge~Day 6: A Pair of Pants That Aren't Jeans

 Prepare yourself for a personal post!

This one was difficult. I don't really own very many pants that aren't jeans. Since I'm sure the plain black ones I wear to our band recitals/concerts probably won't interest you I'm going to have to re-post my only other option. These were up for Sophistique Noir's Red and Black Week, but oh well.

I did reattach the straps though. It only took me about a half hour to figure out how they wrapped through the other straps, but it's all good ^^

Well, that's it for day six of the challenge, but this post seems rather empty doesn't it? Maybe I should jut ramble on until I feel like I've filled it sufficiently? No, I won't do that to you guys. I have a hodgepodge of little updates for you though. Let's see...I gave myself a bloody manicure. I don't know if there's even anyone out there on the interwebz who hasn't seen this, especially since the delightful Lady of the Manners has mentioned it, but I'll put up a pic just in case. This is kind of my go-to when I'm not in the mood for crazy designs or my typical black. It's adorable in a macabre way.

Also, I ordered my Grell wig for the cosplay my friends and I are doing for Halloween. I'm Grell, and my two friends are Mey-Rin and Ciel. I think her little sister is going to be Finnian. Alas, we don't have a Sebastian at the moment, but I'm hoping one will turn up ;)


I recently bought and re-watched Se7en, which is a wonderful psychological thriller/horror movie starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. (It's funny because I tend to avoid Brad Pitt yet he's in two of my favorite movies. Interview With a Vampire and this one.) If you haven't see it, give it a shot. Someone is out to send a message and he's patterning his killings after the seven deadly sins.

Finally, I discovered this wonderful creation via Tumblr. If you like Robert Smith and cats I advise you click on that right now.


  1. I think I've said it before, but I maintain my opinion...Those pants are great! I also just recently watched Seven, and I really enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks! They're for those days I decide to break my mostly monochrome streak and introduce a little color to my outfit ^^ I love wearing them, they're really fun because I get a lot of comments XD
      I like Se7en because it's a movie I've found people who aren't normally horror movie fans can enjoy. It's rather gory, but it's not shown till after the fact and a lot of the movie centers around the character development not just "Hey look, another stupid kid died" XD