Saturday, December 29, 2012

Alas, a Tragedy

Today I experienced a Goth's worst nightmare first-hand. My gorgeous boots, my only pair of long combat boots broke. I knew they weren't good quality when I bought them a year and a half ago, but I was hoping they would last a little bit longer... My poor babies.

Unfortunately, there's no way to fix that. And I wear these boots with everything! My plan now is to just save up for those Doc Martens I've wanted for a while. They'll hold up forever because they're real leather and will be a good investment. After I buy the longer black ones I'll probably get a pair of shorter ones in red, white, tartan, or black with flowers. Problem is, that until I have the money to buy a pair I'll have to go boot-less.

We went out today to go to get some supplies at Joanns and then had lunch. So here's the outfit of the day with a vest I got for Xmas. My hair is really starting to fade out and my blond roots are coming in so I need to re-dye it soon. I'll go black this time instead of dark brown and I think I'll cut my hair shorter. Perhaps a chin length bob. I'm also considering going back to my v fringe. As much as I like straight bangs I sort of miss my widow's peak.

Lately, I seem to be favoring less 'feminine' outfits. I love dresses and skirts, but recently it's seemed like more of a hassle to wear them and better to just pair my black jeans with interesting vests or jackets. Part of the reason might be because it's a little chillier (I say a little because down here in the south we get about one week of cold weather...) and layered tights are a pain to get on and off, but really I think I'm just at a point where my tastes are leaning away from my more romantic/frilly things. In a few months I'm sure I'll be donning my lace gloves, favorite skirt, and waistcoat again, but for now I'll be pulling other things out of my wardrobe.

Actually, if someone decides to bestow upon me the top hat or bowler I so desperately want it'll happen sooner. I think that maybe I'm bored of my victorian-esque clothes simply because I've worn the same outfits too many times. I need a little variety.

 On another note, my plan to buy those Doc Martens has already been sabotaged by this Sherlock shirt. As soon as I saw the Infamous Blujay wearing it via Tumblr I had to have it. It's perfect for the days Casual Goth makes an appearance.

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