Thursday, December 27, 2012

Xmas Haul

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! (Or any other holiday you celebrate) Normally, mine turns into a day of watching screens, as I always have this urge to see if I can beat the video games I've received in record time. (This year's winner being Resistance 2 which is a fantastic game, though not as good as the first one) So this year's haul...

Because I love the Joker. The Killing Joke is a classic after all.
Norse myths because of my Swedish heritage and love of Loki <3
And Edgar Allen Poe because those Barnes and Noble leather-bounds are gorgeous.
Now to get Sherlock Holmes and The Picture of Dorian Gray.
This little voodolls name is Siouxsie. She's "an old school
Goth who rejects conformity".
I love my parents ^^
A talking Dalek because it's adorable. And a Converse
piggy bank. When I opened it I thought they had only gotten me one shoe XD
The original Addams family! And a fishnet hoodie from my family in Sweden.

A Tones on Tail record I was eying in the record store and a
collection of 80s songs.
Bringing back my love of Loki. Marvel movie-verse this time ^^
Finally, The Hobbit because I haven't read it since 4th grade and desperately
want to see the movie. And a bracelet made out of bass strings. Isn't that neat?

Of course, there are a few things I didn't get. My Sherlock shirt, (The one The Infamous Blujay was wearing in the picture Jillian Venters put up on her Tumblr) a slytherin scarf, colored contacts, and a spiked collar being the things I didn't receive. So now I know what to spend my remaining money on ^^

I'm going to go see The Hobbit soon. I am so excited. For anyone out there that's already seen it, how was it?


  1. i envy all those stufffffff damn :/
    lovelaaaaay xx

    1. Christmas is always a lovely time of year because I finally get some books and movies without using all of my money ^^

  2. xxxx little darkling xxxxDecember 27, 2012 at 2:36 PM

    I really want to see the hobbit. But, I want to finish the book first, luckily I'm a very fast reader! :) My friend saw it today, she LOVED it! I got a Hufflepuff scarf! <3 (random question from Britisher:
    What on earth is fourth grade? The grade thing confuses me, is it like year 4 or something? :) )

    1. I can't WAIT. Martin Freeman is Bilbo and he plays John Watson in Sherlock <3 It's neat that you've got a Harry Potter scarf, hopefully I have enough to buy my own XD And technically fourth grade is our fifth year of school because our first year is called kindergarten and then next year we're in first grade. It's sort of weird ^^"

  3. I love the little voodoo doll! I collect those but I've never seen one like that before! :3

    1. I've made a few myself. They're just so adorable <3 But I'd like to own a few more ^^