Friday, May 30, 2014

Pants Two Ways and a Whole Lot of Cosplay

This blog and I don't seem to cross paths very often anymore! Never fear, I'm not going to up and vanish one day without leaving a note. If I ever decide to leave the blogger community rest assured I'll keep you all informed. However, between school, sewing, cosplay, reading, learning to play guitar, orchestra, etc. (really the list of things I do nowadays goes on and on) I just don't have time, or the motivation really to keep up a steady posting schedule. I'll probably drop one or two posts a month and that'll be it, but at least I'll be here! That being said, I'm much more active on both my tumblr (which is more fandom/comics than Goth I'm afraid) and my Goodreads. Both links can be found off to the right if it interests you.

I was going through my huge backlog of photos and I found two outfits showcasing these brown and black spin doctor pants. I love the whole steampunk vibe I get when I wear them. When I was looking at the pictures I thought it was a really good example of how you can make the same item from your closet look totally different depending on your accessories.

A plain black shirt is all I really need with pants this loud.
but when offered a pair of suspenders how could I say no?

We're going to have to ignore the change in hair length here, because I'm pretty sure that's having some effect, but a pair of glasses, corset, and turtleneck instead of suspenders and the whole look is changed! I just love mixing and matching things from my closet. I really try my best not to wear the same thing twice in a month, which proves a fun challenge.

I found a pair of old docs at Value Village! They were only $8

Now I'm going to move away from anything remotely goth related and stray into geek territory. Last month I went to Vancouver Fan Expo and I had a blast. I promised pictures so I tried to pick out the best ones. My favorite panel was definitely the one with the Soska Sisters (AKA Twisted Twins). Sure, seeing Karl Urban and Tom Felton was fun, but these directors were hilarious and being less famous were able to engage us in  conversation. They complimented my hair and hit on me! It was lovely. I highly advise checking out their movie American Mary or perhaps even Dead Hooker in a Trunk which has become something of an indie hit.

The sisters are on the left and the gorgeous Tristan Risk is next to them.
Their musician/friend's name was Kenny I believe.

 As for cosplay... well I had most of my Cecil costume put together around Halloween so that was relatively easy. I still need to find a much better wig and headphones, as well as make a few more props and update the clothes, but I'm happy with how the tattoos turned out. A few people recognized me so that was fun.

Of course the main event was my Arkham Asylum Scarecrow costume. Wowie did I put a lot of time and money into this one. And there are still things I need to redo! Cosplay will destroy your life; that I can assure you. Int he pictures I look significantly less dirty and 'authentic' than if you were to meet me in person, and I didn't bother to take off my flip flops for the first pic, but I think you get most of the effect.

And because I couldn't steal the spotlight for myself with so many wonderful cosplayers around, here are a few of my favorites from the weekend. We took a lot of pictures so I tried to pull out the ones I felt were most deserving of recognition.

Pyramid Head
Sauron I believe. His gauntlets were killer.

This Titan's dedication to body paint is impressive.
That makeup was crazy. And I'm pretty sure it was makeup.
Game of Thrones! Look at that wonderful Brienne.
She was extremely attractive and lovely to talk to. Trust me.
I thought my hands were restricted with the gauntlet...
Lady Loki is really high on my cosplay list

Hopefully I haven't lost all of you by now with the giant stream of photos. I'll do my best to get another post up this month and it'll be one more "Goth" related. I'll leave you with a picture of the loot I scored at the con. I'm a sucker for artwork and with the knowledge that I might not see these pieces ever again I blew all of my money on posters (And a Beetlejuice Funko which is just adorable). My room has since turned into a Den of Geek.

Fun fact! The artwork tot he far left was done by the same artist who designs the album art for Johnny Hollow. Their CDs were being sold at the booth as well. You can't see it very well, but I'd advise looking him up.


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