Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Outfit Dump and Evolving Makeup

March has been yet another slow month for writing, but a great one for outfits so far! Since I've been such a slow blogger so far, and will probably keep up this pace throughout the rest of the school year, here are some new outfits to make it up to you. I've been bad and spent far more money than I should have last month. I'm saving up for Vancouver Fan Expo in April after all.

So lately my everyday makeup routine has changed a bunch. My normal wings have become a lot more dramatic, and I've been cranking up the eyeshadow. I've also stopped being lazy and now my brows are as dramatic and black as my hair. Since they're so blond I can draw them on easily with pencil without shaving farther than I pluck, and you can't even tell. It's really fun doing something a little more extreme so I think it'll be my new go-to. Consult my last two outfits for some examples. It's a little hard to see, but they should hopefully get the point across.

I don't wear this skirt enough.
Also, beehives rock.

I think this may actually be from February.
My hair is shorter and the new dress is from Blackfish Apparel.

What did I say about the polka dots?

My Cecil costume tie is becoming everyday wear.

Sweater-vests are comfy and geek chic ;)
No one will convince me otherwise.
This is my new favorite maroon shirt I was talking about!

Bonus pic of me trying to learn to skate. (On the left)

Also, only one month until the con! Which means if you guys are still interested I'll be posting some updates on my Scarecrow cosplay very soon. I've made a ton of progress and I'm really excited.


  1. OOOH, I love your sweater vest! I love the academia goth look. You nailed the teased hair, too.