Monday, October 7, 2013

15 Songs I've Been Listening to Lately (Goth-friendy Version)

It's far too limiting to stick to a strictly 'Goth' playlist so I'm going to go with a Goth-friendly one. That way I can sneak some deathrock, punk, metal, etc. in here if I feel like it. I'm also going to avoid super obvious things like Bauhaus, The Cure, or The Sisters of Mercy, though Siouxsie did manage to worm her way in here.

His Box- Dali's Car

No one ever really talks about Peter Murphy's little experiment with Dali's Box. It was short-lived, but they produced a few fantastic songs.

Cinnamon Spider- Jack Off Jill

Jack Off Jill has been one of my favorite bands for years now. Jessicka's sickly sweet vocals which can switch to a scream in the blink of an eye are certainly something to behold. I had difficuly picking just one song, (Rabiteen, Vivica, and Nazi Halo were up there) but I like this one's energy.

Draconian Crackdown- Rasputina

Rasputina is fantastic. That electric cello makes me extraordinarily happy. I'd also recommend Transylvanian Concubine, Things I'm Gonna Do, and 1816, The Year Without a Summer to get a better idea of their music.

Everyday is Halloween- Ministry

This song is a bit of a classic as well, and a song a lot of Goths can relate to. I love this song as well as Ministry's first album, but I'm afraid I can't stand anything that came afterwards.

The Creatures are Having Fun with the Hollywood Dreamblaster- Murder at the Registry

Well that title's quite a mouthful isn't it? I don't have much by Murder at the Registry because I'm lazy and haven't bothered downloading more music, but I love what I have. For some reason, Blogger is refusing to recognize that videos involving this group exist, so if you'd like to hear them I'm afraid you'll have to Youtube it...

Blur the Technicolor- White Zombie

Sometimes you just need some angry, energetic, heavy metal to sing along to and White Zombie always does the trick for me.

The Headless Waltz- Voltaire

I heard somewhere that Volatire is coming to Tampa and I'm dying a bit on the inside. If we were still in Florida I'd be going to see him. So not only did I miss a Depeche Mode concert, but also the chance to see Voltaire. Ugh.

That was a Lie- Scarlet's Remains

I don't have a whole lot of Scarlet's Remains on my Ipod, but I've been feeling in a Deathrock-y mood lately. Actually, in retrospect I think I've been listening to a lot of Cinema Strange as well.

Aim for the Head- Creature Feature

Creature Feature is good cheesy fun. All of their songs are campy and wonderful. Now that Halloween is coming up I tend to listen to them even more.

Night Shift- Siouxsie and the Banshees

In all honesty, I used to not like Siouxsie, and looking back the idea seems preposterous. Nowadays she's on repeat all the time. Juju in particular.

This Charming Man- The Smiths

It's really hard for me to pick a favorite song by the Smiths. The gloomy, dreamy sounds of Morrisey's voice are wonderful when you want to relax. If we're being honest, a lot of their music is very similar, but they're always enjoyable.

Gutter Glitter- Switchblade Symphony

 Switchblade Symphony Rocks. Enough said.

Burning Skies- Tones on Tail

Notice how I've managed to include both Peter Murphy and Daniel Ash in this post without actually using Bauhaus? Tones on Tail has a fun, quirky sound that I fell in love with right away and I've actually got one of their records.

Dead Stars- Covenant

Normally, I'm not one for electronic, beep-y type EBM, but I happen to like this song.

Baby Turns Blue- Virgin Prunes

I confess I can't really get into the Virgin Prunes. However, I adore this song and though it's probably the only one that will ever make its way to my Ipod it'll remain a favorite.

A few recent developments here in Kelowna. For starters, I can't stay away from the arcade (Which is hardly unusual behavior, but it's closer now so I can get there easier) and when I found out that they had an X-Men VS Streetfighter game I just about died. It's great. Also, I'm watching American Horror Story and really enjoying it. I'm into the second season now, and liking it even more than the first, though it's a tad too complicated.