Thursday, April 18, 2013

30 Day Clothing Challenge~ Day 21: Something You Only Wear Around the House

Warning: Pretty short post. Basically just popping in for a chat~

If I said I walked around in black silk robes or bat patterned pajamas would I get my goth card stamped? Let's be honest here, how many of us actually wear all black all the time just to keep up our 'image' as a goth? Seriously, it's not like I wouldn't love a pair of bat patterned pajamas, (Who wouldn't?) but if you guys saw me around the house there's no way you'd ever think I was even associated with the Gothic subculture. (If you're lucky my black hair and nails might give it away) And that doesn't bother me one bit because in all honesty I'd rather put my money towards clothes people will actually see me out in. All of my 'home clothes' are basically pink/blue/white articles of clothing that I've had since about 5th grade. But that doesn't mean you're getting a picture of me in my PJs. Sorry. But not really

Instead, I'll reuse an item from a while back. My Monty Python Evil Bunny Slippers of Doom! Aren't they just adorable? I got them for Xmas last year and I use them religiously in the winter, which is basically the only time my feet won't melt off by wearing them. Because Florida. *Shakes fist* Actually, I probably would wear them out of the house for kicks if I could, but unfortunately the dress code at school clearly states no slippers. (Though strangely enough there's no rule that prevents students from taking pillows or blankets to class. Heh.)

Since, you're not getting a picture of me in my pajamas I'm afraid you'll have to settle for my outfit of the day instead. I've got a better picture of my new skirt (With pockets!) and recently happened upon a shirt I'd thought I'd lost. It nearly makes up for the fact that my lovely Handbook For the Recently Deceased phone case broke, so I'm stuck using my cassette tape backup. You'd be surprised at how many people ask me whether it's a real tape. I can only wonder why I'd be carrying around a cassette tape at school, nevermind looking at it and clearly pushing buttons. It really makes me laugh.

Also,  I was recently persuaded (By the people of Tumblr or course) to read The Fault in Our Stars. John Green seems to be everywhere so it was only inevitable. Again, I don't normally like YA books, (especially not popular ones) but this one was fantastic. The narrator is really cynical, has a dark sense of humor (A kindred spirit I suppose) and is very matter-of-fact. She doesn't sugarcoat anything. The end actually managed to make me tear up a bit when I thought about people in real life who actually go though things like she did. So basically what I'm saying is, you should all add this to your list of 'Books Megan has recommended' which will probably end up filling a whole notebook by the time I'm through.


  1. xxxx little darling xxxxApril 22, 2013 at 9:49 AM

    I've said this before, but they are absolutely amazing slippers! I saw Spamalot in London, but they were not selling them... :'(

    That line: 'a new skirt... With pockets!', reminds me so much of The Runaway Bride (Doctor Who)
    'Who has pockets in their wedding dress?'
    It's a nice skirt, though :)

    I bleached a t-shirt! It was supposed to have the deathly hallows on, but it sort of failed. I just sprayed it more and it's a zombie apocalypse sort of thing. I love it, though '

    1. Why thank you! (Again ^^) I'm sorry you couldn't buy them D: Check online?
      Hahaha somehow I manage to work in Doctor Who references without even thinking about it ;)
      Ooooh that sounds great :D Bleaching T-shirts is really fun even if it's havoc on your brushes XD